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Using this Simple 2-page Checklist,
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  • Construct, Stain and Restore your Fences without wasting a ton of money.
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  • Avoid the most common Mistakes people make when they Repairing or Construct their Fences.
  • Improve your Home's value by up to 20% just by making your Fences better.
  • Build a Fence so beautiful it improves your curb appeal and your home's exterior significantly.

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Why do I need a Checklist?
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A checklist will guide you, keep you from making mistakes and ensure your follow the right steps so you can construct your dream Fence.

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Who are we?

Hi. It’s James Forbes, from Doctor Stain. We are a family owned Fence Restoration company.

 We Restore and Stain your Fence, and make it look beautiful and keep them protected for the years to come.

"Why Fences Add to your Home Valuation"

A Great Fence improves your Curb appeal and adds beauty, and increase your Property value by up to 20%

And this Free Checklist will help you achieve just that!

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